Chicago Bucket List

I’m a huge fan of lists. I always have at least two “to do” lists going at a time to help me accomplish things (I also have a terrible memory and a tendency to lose focus). Here is my Chicago bucket list! I know it’s pretty boring (and so am I) so suggestions are welcome! Let me know if you have done any of these things and what you thought. I love exploring the city I love!

Willis Tower Sky Deck
Lights Festival
Navy Pier Ferris Wheel
Architecture Tour
Paddle Boarding
Wrigley Field Tour
Kingston Mines
Bottle and Bottega
iCream Cafe
Adler After Dark


3 thoughts on “Chicago Bucket List”

  1. Claire S. said:

    Rach- you have never been to Kingston Mines!!! We are going ASAP!

  2. Hey Rachael, I really enjoyed reading some of your blog (and am super jealous of the Thanksgiving dinner you prepared all by yourself–props to you!). Anyways, I saw this Chicago Bucket List & I have done three of the things you do not have crossed-off yet.

    Willis Tower Sky Deck, Navy Pier Ferris Wheel, & the Wrigley Field tour–all of them are things I would suggest doing. The sky deck and ferris wheel provide great views, and the Wrigley tour provides you with the ins and outs of Wrigley as well as some nice information on the Cubbies. Hopefully, you can complete everything on your Chicago Bucket List. Take care!

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