The last post I wrote I told you that Paul and I broke a world record and crossed something off my bucket list. I know the anticipation has been killing you…

Paul and I had tickets to see The Blues Brothers at Wrigley Field.

Groupon did the event last year but showed Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. I wasn’t sure what to expect but the set up was awesome and there wasn’t a bad seat in the entire place. They also let you bring in your own food and drinks which was a huge plus.

We got there early so we had time to walk around and take pictures. Paul is a huge Cubs fan so even if they didn’t show the movie, Paul would have been happy with just being able to walk around on the field.

I thought it would be a really cool picture to do a cart-wheel in front of the scoreboard. Boy, was I wrong. I could not look more unathletic.

We took a bunch of pictures and then played catch to pass the time. Paul was so excited to be able to say he played catch on Wrigley Field, even if it was velcro…

That night they handed out glasses to everyone and we set a world record for the most people wearing sunglasses at night!

Paul looks so Italian in this photo.

We had a great time and we are looking forward to finding out what movie they will play next year!


On Saturday, Paul surprised me with a Groupon for a semi-private sailing excursion. He knew it was on my bucket list so I was super excited! As you can tell, Paul and I love Groupon deals.

We were on the boat with two other couples and as we were leaving the dock, the captain informed us that the ride was probably going to be a little rocky.

The couple next to us asked if we had ever been on a boat before. Umm yes, who hasn’t? They hadn’t. Little did she know, her stomach wasn’t going to be able to handle the 2.5 hour ride. She was miserable and sat with her eyes closed the entire time. Paul and I on the other hand had a blast. There were pretty large waves but it could have been worse. And now that I think about it, eating our lunches and drinking margaritas and beer right next to her probably didn’t help. Opps.

It was a beautiful day! Thanks again Paul!

Have you ever been sailing? Do you have a bucket list? What’s on it?