Last week was such a weird week. On Friday I kept thinking that it was Monday and I caught myself saying it multiple times at work. I’m still not convinced 4th of July was last week.

On TUESDAY after work Paul talked me out of my run for a trip to Target. We both need helmets for our bikes and I never pass an opportunity to go to shopping when Paul offers.

I picked out this one but they didn’t have my size.

I sent my mom the picture because she always says she wants to run a race where she can wear a crown (high maintenance) and she was not happy I didn’t get it. Mom, it’s for toddlers.

Trips to Target are exhausting so I found this really simple recipe on Pinterest for shrimp for dinner and it was really good. Quick and simple. That’s my kind of meal!

On WEDNESDAY, 4th of July, Paul and I were planning to go on a bike ride but we couldn’t get Paul’s tires inflated and it was way too damn hot anyway. So I went for a four mile run on the dreadmill and then met Paul for brunch at Elly’s Pancake House. We heard awesome things from a lot of people about this place and I have had it on my lists of places to go for a while…and let me tell you, we were not disappointed. Paul was watching the Food Network before we left which was featuring fried steak so he was craving that healthy goodness. Paul’s fried steak came with four eggs, hash browns and toast. He ate every last bite! I got pancakes, eggs, bacon and sausage. The pancakes were so good and the orange juice was freshly squeezed. If you are in Chicago, I highly recommend Elly’s.

We decided to be awesome citizens by spending America’s birthday helping Chicago’s economy and acting like tourists in a place we have lived for more than 20 years. So we went to the Sears Willis Tower Sky Deck!

I was a lot more nervous on the ledge then I thought I would be which makes me think I will never have enough guts to go sky diving. And if I do, I will just be bawling the whole time. So, who wants to go with me?

Yes, this is a photo of a $20 photo. Conveniently sized 6×9 to fit no frame ever made.

The ledge was really scary and I didn’t trust it but faked the excitement for a fast photo. I was tiptoeing around. Yea, that will save you when this thing collapses.

The views were incredible!

Paul and I went back to my apartment and Bethany was having a BBQ so we stuffed our faces and then fell into a food coma. Best nap ever. 100 degree weather will wear you out. I dragged Paul to fireworks at Navy Pier by bribing him with a Slurpee from 7-11.

We were really far away but it was nice to not have to deal with a huge crowd.

What did you do for the 4th?

This past weekend Paul and I broke a world record and crossed something off my bucket list! Any guesses?