Two weeks ago the nurse from the Dermatology office called to update me on the test results from the moles I had removed. All three moles are benign and I could not be happier about that! Unfortunately though, the mole on my calf has melanoma characteristics. The nurse did a terrible job of explaining what that means. I told her I had never had something like this done and can she please explain it to me. She repeatedly answered, “It has melanoma characteristics.” WTF lady!

I called my mom and she explained that a benign mole can have melanoma characteristics which means there’s a chance it will turn into melanoma. I had no idea. I thought that once it’s benign, it stays benign. My mom then explained in the simplest terms what was going on with those cells and why they want to remove more. Moms are the best.

So I am going in again this week to have more removed from my calf. They are going to take out all of the cells that have melanoma characteristics (I think that’s scientifically correct). At the end of the day, the mole could stay benign but there is a chance it could turn into melanoma so we are playing it safe and having it all removed.

Since the cut will potentially be deeper and/or wider, I am expecting the doc to tell me I have to take even more time off running. So I decided to get a gym membership because I was going stir-crazy after the first procedure. I hadn’t been to the gym for a while and forgot how entertaining it is to people watch…and people wonder why there are stereotypes…

Yesterday I went for a four mile run for the first time since the procedure. It felt awesome! I’m going to try to run everyday this week before the “surgery” on Thursday afternoon to get in as much mileage as I can before taking time off again.

Since you are dying to find out what else I have been up to…

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Rainy day in Chicago. After leaving the Shedd Aquarium.

Hot dogs and…

a fried Twinkie. As you can tell, I have been watching what I eat since I’m not running as much.

Mother’s Day in the suburbs. Hanging all 6 pieces in the middle of the wall with the same amount of space in between was a HUGE pain…but at least they look awesome! Shout out to my Aunt Katie who painted them!

My dad cooked breakfast on Mother’s Day. It was interesting to say the least.

I finally bought a bike!

Golfing with Paul and his family (and by golfing I mean throwing the ball half the time instead of hitting it).

Paul’s sister Maria and I had a blast goofing around in the cart.

I hope everyone had an awesome weekend and a Happy Mother’s Day!