I have been dreading writing this post but I know I need to keep the hundreds of people who religiously read my blog up-to-date (insert sarcasm). I’m “injured”. I went to the dermatologist on Tuesday for my yearly check-up and they found three moles (such a gross word) that they wanted to remove because one was new and the other two changed shape.

For those of you that don’t know my family’s’ health history…when I was in 8th grade my mom was diagnosed with skin cancer. She is cancer free and has been ever since but she has to be extra careful in the sun. My grandpa has also had melanoma. So I am always extra careful when I’m in the sun and I rarely ever go outside without wearing sunscreen. My friends will tell you that I never have sunscreen that is below SPF50 and I obsess about reapplying every 30 minutes. Us pale, Irish people need to watch out for that large star in the sky. It’s out to get us.

At first I wasn’t worried because removing small spots on my skin seems quick and easy, and people get it done all the time,  until the doctor said something that made me want to punch her in the face. “You won’t be able to work out for two weeks.” Ummm…excuse me? It’s three small incisions! I quickly questioned her 20 years of schooling hoping to prove her wrong but she wouldn’t budge. I have to take two weeks off of exercise until I get the stitches removed. Unfortunately, one of the moles was on my calf and since it is a high tension area, I can’t run for three weeks.

The “procedure” went fine and I was only in some pain for about two days after. You don’t realize how much you use your back when you are doing everyday things. I’m frustrated that I can’t workout because four days later, I am in no pain. I’m also pissed that I am basically going to have to start over with my training. Two weeks ago, I was feeling awesome and couldn’t wait to start pushing myself even harder. I had a good base and was planning on running the Chicago Spring Half Marathon. That’s not happening anymore. My next race will be the Chase Corporate Challenge on May 24 which is only 3.5 miles and hopefully my next half marathon will be the Chicago Women’s Half Marathon on June 24 (seems so far away!).

Alright, the pity-party is over. I’m sure that’s more than enough bitching and half-naked pictures from me today.  I need to remember to be thankful for my health and that maybe these weeks off are what my body really needs.