So weeks later, I’m finally writing a post about the Chi Town Half Marathon.

The race didn’t start until 8:15 a.m. Sunday and it was only about a mile from my apartment so could sleep in compared to other races we have done. We got to the start with plenty of time and checked our bags at the gear check. Like I said, the weather was making me nervous because it stormed early morning and it was still pretty cold. So I wore a rain jacket and leggings under my shorts but decided to take them off before the start because the sun started to come out. I was glad I did because I would have been way too hot.

The race started and ended in Lincoln Park. The course was an out and back on the Lake Shore Drive Path.

At the starting line thinking, “Why the hell are we doing this?”

It was a smaller race so there were not many spectators and the only entertainment on the course (from what I remember) were two bucket boys and two guys playing instruments, which was disappointing.

The run was going smoothly until about mile 5 when my mom said her knee was bugging her again. When we were training in the winter, we went for a long run on a path that wasn’t shoveled and we think that’s when something got messed up But she powered through it until about mile 10-11 when she had to stop to stretch. I could tell my mom was in a lot of pain but she powered through it. I wanted to stay together the whole race but then my mom got angry and told me to go ahead. I refused but then she started to get really mad and I know she is not someone to mess with when she is mad! So I kept going and picked up the pace.

I have no idea why I’m smiling so much.

I guess my arms were too tired to be lifted any higher. Such a half-ass attempt.

So I finished and then went back to find my mom so we could finish together.

The race was very organized and we quickly got our stuff from gear check which can sometimes be a disaster. They had cookies, pretzels, fruit snacks, bananas and bagels (which were gone when we got there). The only complaint I would have is that you were only given little cups of water after the race instead of bottles which makes it hard to hydrate unless you are planning on standing by the cooler the whole time. I also was pretty disappointed with the course. It changed from the original course they had planned. It seems like they couldn’t make it long enough on the path so they sent us back and forth for a couple of loops which I didn’t like. The weather turned out to be a little chilly but it didn’t rain!

The camera on my phone is outstanding. I really like the half-zip shirts and the medal is also pretty sweet.

Overall, it was a good race to start off the running season! 2012 goal: finish a half marathon in 2 hours.

My mom and I enjoyed burgers and beer at Butcher and the Burger before my mom headed back to the ‘burbs!I joined a basketball league and we had a double-header that night which I was planning on sitting out because I knew my legs would be dead, but I wanted to at least go to the gym to meet my team. I got there and my team didn’t have enough players so I ended up playing two games with no subs. By the end of the second game my legs started to shut down. I had a breakaway, wide open lay-up that I missed and almost fell over because my legs gave out on me. I think the girls wanted to reassess having me on their team.

I spent the rest of the night in compression gear with my legs elevated! Just another day in the life of a runner…I know you are jealous.