The last two weeks have been really busy! I was in the suburbs visiting my parents, my brothers came to Chicago for the night, Bulls game, date night and a trip to Nashville! I have had a blast but my body is telling me I need to get some sleep because I am starting to get sick. Bring on the vitamin C!

Here are some pictures to sum up what’s been going on. I will post later this week about my Nashville trip!

On Friday I headed to the suburbs after work to see my family.

Never a bad meal when I eat at my parents.

My mom found these at Meijer…the salmon comes on a wood plank and you cook it just like that. So delicious!

Saturday morning my mom and I went for a run. My mom hasn’t been feeling well so we ran six miles together and then I went out for another four. It’s so great running with someone else. It makes the time go by a lot quicker and gives my mom and I time to catch up!

That afternoon my brothers and I headed to the city for the Bulls game!

Met up with good friends.

The Bulls game was a lot of fun and it was great to be able to hang out with my brothers and Paul.

Wednesday Date Night…

Paul and I went to King Crab on Halsted. The food was really good and they had awesome service. Highly recommended…

and a bottle of wine is only $16!

I got the salmon kabob with rice. The salmon was really good. I saved half of it to bring to work for lunch and conveniently forgot my leftovers at the table…I hate when that happens.

Paul got the clam and shrimp alfredo which he finished in 30 seconds…

After dinner we made a pit stop at heaven on earth, aka Annette’s Homemade Italian Ice. It’s a block from my apartment which is really dangerous.

Ice cream with Thin Mint cookies.

This is what you look like after a terrible/painful/miserable four mile run. I felt like my legs were 400 pounds each. It was dreadful. How is it that I can have an awesome 10 mile run but when I try to run less than half the distance, I struggle to finish? Makes no sense.

Do you ever have a horrible run when you are only running a short distance?