I hope everyone had a great weekend! Mine was filled with unexpected plans and was pretty exhausting but I had a lot of fun. Yesterday I was walking around like a zombie…still recovering.

Paul and I usually spend Fridays renting a movie and either making dinner at one of our apartments or ordering food in with a bottle of wine. I’m always exhausted on Friday nights and I like to get my long run over with Saturday mornings so we like to take it easy.

This Friday was a little different. My roomie Bethany asked if we wanted to go see Trippin Billies at The Cubby Bear in Wrigley, so we thought why not? We thought the show started at 8 p.m. but they weren’t on until 9:45 p.m. and Bethany had dinner reservations so she ditched us. We had a great time but we were out later than expected and I was slow to get up Saturday morning.

I had a goal of running 8 miles and I procrastinated until 2 p.m. when I finally left for my run. The run felt great and it was beautiful along the lake…but soon things took a turn for the worst. I forgot to bring water with me and I was very dehydrated from the night before. The second I got home I was EXHAUSTED beyond how you should feel after 8 miles and I started to feel like I was going to be sick. My body hated me for putting it through a night of vodka and beer and then trying to run farther than I have in a while. Not a good life decision. I just kept chugging water, had a bowl of cereal and I finally started to feel better.

Paul made reservations at Morton’s Steakhouse because we were going to Defending the Caveman in Rosemont. Dinner was AMAZING. We both ordered filets, (one of the best steaks I have ever had) asparagus and garlic mashed potatoes. Picture from the website:

Neither of us knew what to expect from the show but it was hilarious! He basically pokes fun at how different men and women are and how different we are in relationships. I told myself that the laughing burned off the calories of dinner.

We asked the shortest woman in the theater to take our picture.

After the show, we made our way back to the city to meet up with some friends for a birthday celebration at Sluggers. Needless to say, it was a very late night and on Sunday, I was extremely unproductive. It was just one of those weekends!

Now onto something completely unrelated, today is Mardi Gras! I’m making blackened shrimp po’ boy sandwiches for dinner and it’s a really easy recipe so it will be hard, even for me, to mess up. I can’t decide what to give up for lent this year. I have always tried chocolate but failed miserably.

What are you giving up for lent?