Happy Friday! I love Fridays at the office because I’m in the exclusive Bagel Club and we get to wear jeans! Woo hooo! So exciting!

Since you haven’t gagged enough over Valentine’s Day posts…here’s how I spent the day…

I have always thought that Valentine’s Day is a Hallmark holiday. I never really had any interest in it but I’m not dumb enough to turn down the chance to have flowers, chocolate and dinner. Since I’m such a control freak, I think Paul also likes the idea of getting to plan everything without me questioning or trying to play it myself.

Valentine’s Day has a special place for Paul and I because, when we were in college, we broke up and this holiday played a part in bringing us back together. We weren’t dating but Paul was picking me up from work on Valentine’s Day and when I got in the car, there was a card and a CD on the seat and the rest is history…(See what I did there? Made a long story short).

This year for V-Day I got to work from home because I had a meeting in the city so my day was already made! Unfortunately, Paul sent me flowers and chocolate to my office not knowing I wouldn’t be there, but it turned out to be a great February 15th surprise! The flowers are probably the most beautiful ones I have ever received!

That night Paul had me over for dinner and he cooked dry-aged, New York strip steaks, asparagus and potatoes. It was so delicious!

(Paul – don’t kill me for posting this picture)

Paul also got a nice bottle of wine and ice cream sandwiches (chocolate chip cookies with chocolate gelato in between)! All of my favorite foods in one night!

We usually don’t do gifts but I saw this awesome bouquet on Pinterest from this blog and I knew Paul would love it…and he did! He was so surprised!

The way to a man’s heart = alcohol

Every year I look forward to receiving a Valentine’s Day card from my Grandpa Johnson and this year was no different. It made my day!

He sends all 23  of us cards every year. It’s such a great tradition!

My parents sent me a card and candy. My mom made this sweet magnet. Can you tell she is a teacher?

Thanks mom!

I hope you all had a wonderful day! Enjoy the weekend!