As some of you already know, I started volunteering this month at Children’s Memorial Hospital in Chicago. I am in no way writing this post to brag or talk about myself but I have already had such great experiences so I think it should be shared.

I am volunteering on the hematology, oncology and stem cell floor of the hospital. When I first told people about this, they were taken aback and most responded with: “Wow, that’s going to be hard.” “You are brave.” “That’s going to be really sad.” But something told me I was strong enough to do it and even after hearing people’s concerns, I don’t regret my decision.

The kids and family members that I have the opportunity to be with are simply AMAZING. Every single day these kids are faced with things no one should have to deal with. When the kids aren’t feeling well, yea they can be a little cranky, and who could blame them, but it’s my job to sit with them and even if it’s just a crack of a smile, it is all worth it to me. I wish I could talk about specific situations but I can’t because of privacy laws but every single one of these kids is incredible.

Every child, parent, sibling, friend, neighbor, etc. that has to go through a situation where a child is very ill has extraordinary strength and I admire you. Thinking about the kids and families gives me strength. I have been very fortunate to have healthy family and friends and I will never take that for granted.

I could go on and on for days so let me know if you have questions or comments. Also, please share you stores if you have had an experience in the hospital or with volunteers/volunteering.

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