I will try to keep this short with a lot of pictures but I do have the tendency to ramble on and I want to brag about my awesome vacation.

Paul and I and our friends Sarah, Brian, Bethany and Joel went to Colorado during New Years. We left out of Midway which was a new experience for me. I have never flown out of Midway and being the control freak I am, I was a little nervous because I didn’t know where I was going or what it’s like to fly Southwest. All things normal people don’t worry about. I had no idea you don’t have assigned seats which I disliked because I wanted to sit next to Paul and near my friends….and did I say this yet, I’m a control freak. Go figure it ended up working out. I asked the guy sitting next to Paul to switch seats with me and then Paul, being the comedian he is, responded, “I don’t even know this girl.” The guy looked at both of us like we were insane.

It was my lucky day because vodka was on special!

We got into Denver and my Aunt Carol and Uncle Dan picked us up to stay at their house for the night. We weren’t driving to the cabin until the morning because we didn’t want to drive through the mountains in the dark. It was overwhelming how welcomed we all felt at my aunt and uncle’s house. They made us pizza, gave us water, and most importantly, beer. It was just what we needed after traveling.

The next morning we got up and got ready to go to Golden, Co for the Coors Brewery Tour and then to the cabin in Granby. My cousins were a huge help! Hannah helped get the rental car, Emma made us all coffee and chocolate chip pancakes and Patrick graced us with his presence after he slept in :). Soon we were on our way into the mountains.

The Coors tour was pretty basic but the best part was that you got three free beers after the tour!

Paul takes such good pictures.

On our way to the cabin we stopped to eat at Beau Jo’s. The restaurant was featured on Diners, Drive-ins and Dives and the pizza was amazing. Each couple got a large pizza thinking we would have leftovers but there was nothing left.

They give you honey to dip your crust in…YUMMMThe drive through the mountains was amazing and some of the drop-offs made me pretty nervous. The cabin is awesome…right on the river, deck, hot tub…

…and they guys were most excited about the old movies. They eyed The Mighty Ducks 1, 2 and 3 and I knew there was no getting out of watching all three.

We also stopped at the grocery and liquor store and got enough alcohol for a Jersey Shore summer. Little did we know, after a full day of skiing, having a couple drinks and going to bed at 11 p.m. is all we had energy for.

We got back from the store and played Loaded Questions, which the boys seemed bored with because Free Willy was on in the background.

When we were playing the board game, we realized Paul doesn’t know how to read. “Lacabass” or Incubus”?? Poor guy.

Ski Day 1 – Brian and Sarah made breakfast sandwiches and then we headed to shred some wicked gnar brah.

Paul and I took skiing lessons and we were both so glad we did. I have skied before but I had no idea the proper form. It was great to ski again but wow was I rusty! We all met at the bar after to cheers to a day without injuries.

When we got back to the cabin, Brain and Sarah made BBQ chicken and chicken salads.

I was inhaling it…which was a great idea because we were getting into swimsuits to go in the hot tub.

Ski Day 2 – New Years Eve – Joel and Bethany cooked made to order eggs with potatoes and turkey sausage to fuel us for day two. We had heard that Vale was closed due to high winds and looking out the window, we were afraid Winter Park was going to be closed as well. The wind was incredible and in the open fields, there were what looked like tornadoes of snow.

Getting a little nervous…

Don’t worry mom we drove really slow.

The runs on the lower part of the mountain were open but you couldn’t get to the top which was fine with me. One of the bars in the resort had a special where you buy a beer and a shot for really cheap, so we made a couple stops in-between runs and by the end of the day, Paul was a better skier than me. He has a lot more control and I tend to just fly down the mountain with no control in hopes that I don’t eat shit…the shots probably didn’t help much either.

That night we got steaks, potatoes, salad and Paul and I got bison steaks for dinner. I had never had bison before but it was really good!

We got a shuttle to Winter Park to go to a bar called Freestyles. Girls drink free from 10-11…done! Freestyles is basically the basement of a restaurant and I felt like I was at a high school party again. The crowd was definitely interesting but we had a lot of fun!

Happy 2012!

Ski Day 3 – We were slow-moving in the morning but Paul made us his Sejnoha breakfast which he is a pro at. My cold was starting to get a lot worse and the activities the night before didn’t help. I was hesitant to go skiing because I was feeling so crappy, but we already paid for the rental and lift for the day. So I stopped having a pity party, had a couple mimosas and decided it was the last day and I didn’t want to miss out. Paul and I decided to go to the top of the mountain which was amazing.

The views were breathtaking…literally…you are 10,000 feet up. It wasn’t as icy as the bottom of the mountain and we actually skied on some powder! Paul was brave enough to ski on blue but I was sticking to green seeing as I already biffed it multiple times on the “easy” runs.

That night Bethany and Joel made tacos and we went in the hot tub again….we were all very exhausted.

Last Day – We were flying out of Denver but not until later that night so we decided to go into the town of Granby which was a whole two blocks. Don’t worry there was an antique store, gun shop and Planned Parenthood within the two blocks. We packed up our stuff and said goodbye to the cabin and our vacation. I didn’t get back to my apartment until 1:30 a.m. so I was exhausted but it was an awesome trip with great friends!