I’m back! During the holidays I did a terrible job of keeping up with my blog. I know it’s a huge no, no in blog world to only post once a month if you want it to be successful but I’ve come to terms that this blog is more of a personal journal. I originally started blogging to enhance my writing skills and let’s face it, I felt like people needed to hear what I have to say. Being in the PR field, you need to be a great writer or you won’t get very far. Sometimes I feel like the blog is more work than pleasure so I don’t do it as often as I should. Wow, I’m really motivated to start off the New Year!

It’s been a busy couple weeks! Here’s a sneak peek at what I have been up to: On Christmas Eve (also my Dad’s birthday – sweet shirt) my family and I traveled to Fort Dodge, Iowa, where my parents grew up, to visit family. All my mom’s sisters and brother were there with their families and it was great seeing everyone!

My brothers and I left on the 26th to go back to Algonquin and then I headed back to the city. Paul, Bethany, Sarah, Joel, Brian and I left on the 28th to go to Colorado to ski and snowboard. This is necessary when traveling with Paul…

Here are some pictures from the trip. I conveniently forgot my camera so these are the not-so-good ones from my camera. There’s so much to say about the trip so I will be posting again to give all the details.

It was Paul’s first time skiing and he is really good. By the end of the trip he was better than me…I’m not bitter at all…

I also came home with a lovely virus that turned into a bacterial infection.

The people who sit by me at work could not be more excited about…all the sneezing, coughing, blowing my nose…real attractive.