Every winter, without fail, I get out of shape and use more excuses than Jerry Sandusky. Thankfully the Chicago weather has been more forgiving this year and it has been between 30-40 degrees with no snow (knock on wood) so I have been running more then I normally would in December. I was on a 4 day streak until yesterday when I didn’t get home until late because of a meeting in Madison. Go me!

Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas but that means endless amounts of food and lounging and pulling the excuse of “I can eat this…it’s Christmas.” I will also be spending a lot of time with my brothers who eat like professional football players and for some reason when I’m with them, I feel like I can eat as often and as much as they do. Reality check Rachael…your metabolism isn’t the same as it was in middle school and you aren’t playing a sport where you burn over a thousand calories in one practice.

So this year I am going to try to make a HUGE effort to stay in shape because I don’t want to end up looking like Xtina. As Tosh says…“Try fitting that genie in a bottle.” I’m not being mean…she had it coming. You can’t expect to be barely clothed for 10 years and have people not notice when you gain weight. You’re asking for it.


To motivate myself the obvious thing to do was to go shopping. I got some stuff at Old Navy and I highly recommend it!

This is what happens when you ask your roommate to take pictures of you…

My favorite purchase is this jacket from Old Navy. It was in the men’s section so I got a small. It’s not very warm so you have to wear layers under it. It’s great when you don’t want to get hit by a car.

I absolutely love this Nike headband. I got it from Paul and it’s awesome for cold weather running. The dots are also reflective…and the swoosh matches my jacket…duh.

This is what I wore the other night running and it was about 35 degrees and it was just the right amount of layers. The Nike pants and fleece are also from Paul…is he hinting at something?

Since it’s always dark, I always carry my Mace when I’m running. Don’t mess with me…

For my birthday my roomies got me this awesome water bottle. Chicago turns off the water fountains by the lake in the winter so this is perfect for my runs and it holds my keys and tissues!

What do you wear when you run in the cold?

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