Lately I have been complaining about the weather so why break the trend today when it’s 40 degrees and Chicago is under wind and flood advisories?

Don’t worry this won’t be me tonight…I’m trying hot yoga instead.


Something about this picture makes hot yoga seem like the safer bet.

Instead of the regular Tantrum Tuesday format I’m switching it up to tell an embarrassing story that adds to my hate for cold weather and snow. Normally I don’t get embarrassed easily but this has been one of the most embarrassing things that has ever happened to me. I usually laugh things off but this was just ridiculous. I like to include pictures in posts but this time I am thankful I don’t have any.

I think I do a lot of awkward things at 6 a.m. when I’m still half asleep and waiting for the train. The weather in the winter makes this even worse since I’m covered in layers walking a mile to the train and then the train is 90 degrees. This makes for a really uncomfortable ride…and a really attractive me.

This particular morning started like all the others…I was getting my stuff ready to walk out the door. I had a rolling suitcase because I was going straight to my parents from work for Christmas. I knew it snowed a couple inches the night before but I was sure the sidewalks were shoveled…WRONG. Sometimes I forget I live in the city. There is a bus I can take but it wasn’t too cold so I figured I could walk the mile to the train. I immediately regretted this decision.

I started walking and had to pull my suitcase because it was acting like a shovel behind me. Should I hail a cab? No, you gave yourself plenty of time. Wrong again. By the time I was almost there I realized I was running late. I had to go up about 25 stairs to get to the platform and as I was walking under the train bridge, I could hear the train bells. I quickly sprinted to the stairs where I flung my bag into my hands and sprinted up the stairs. As I was struggling up the stairs, I was a split second away from yelling “Wait, I’m coming!” Embarrassing fact #1.

I made it just in time but as I threw my body bag onto the train, I realized everyone was staring at me and was facing my direction. Embarrassing fact #2.

I hurried to find a seat as discrete as possible but the heavy breathing and panicked look on my face didn’t help. I tried to relax but within three seconds of sitting I was noticeably sweating. I grabbed some tissues from my pocket and wiped my forehead a couple times (keep in mind that I was sitting in the handicap section with my bag so everyone in that car was facing towards me). After about 15 minutes I was finally getting settled and started to read my book when a man next to me taps my shoulder. “Excuse me. You have tissue stuck to your head and I think that would be embarrassing.” Wow was he right. Embarrassing fact #3. ­­­­

I was mortified. I looked in the mirror and pieces were stuck all over my forehead. People on the train had been looking at me the whole time. I didn’t look up once and can’t even tell you what the guy looked like. As far as I know he could be on the train everyday with me.

As I tried to pull myself back together I began to read again and tried to forget about it but when I put my hair behind my ear, pieces of tissue would fall into my lap…I was a complete mess and it was only 7 a.m. Thank God he did tell me though. If he didn’t, I would have gotten on my work shuttle looking like a hot mess in front of all my coworkers.

I hope this story made you laugh! I know my mom loves telling it because she even told complete strangers the story when my parents were in Europe.I think my parents were a few pints in 😉 Another proud moment…