Happy Thanksgiving week! I’m looking forward to eating a lot and hanging out with my family oh and maybe some running in between. Here’s your weekly dose…

1. I have a lot of pet peeves when I’m running and it’s probably because I am trying to get home as soon as possible. I have been living in the city for more than a year now and know what routes I shouldn’t take if I don’t feel like striking someone with my shoulder and giving them a dirty look after almost knocking them into the street. I have become a little more patience because I’m now used to being around city people who are in their own little world.


It’s one thing to not be paying attention, but it’s another when a person is looking down at their phone while walking. This person is usually swaying from side to side and takes up the whole sidewalk. When I am behind them I kindly say excuse me but when I’m looking at them I don’t shy away because I feel it’s my job to teach them a lesson (because I am obviously smarter).

This woman was walking and fell into a water fountain because she was texting. Philadelphia is fining people $120 for texting while walking. It’s embarrassing that this has become such a problem. What’s next? Fining people for making out in public? I hope so because that should be illegal.

So do me a favor multi-taskers, put down the phone and focus on walking…there’s a crazy person trying to get her workout over as soon as possible.

thumbs up is the new peace sign (gosh I’m pretty)

2. A couple weeks ago, we changed our clocks and all of a sudden the sun doesn’t exist. It’s currently 3:00 p.m. at work and this is what it looks like outside.

Don’t you want to move to Chicago?

It’s also starting to get really cold and I have had to bust out my winter running clothes. I was running the other night and some man yelled out of his car “It’s too cold to run!” For Chicago weather it was not that cold (probably around 40 degrees). Did he expect me to respond? “Oh it is? Ok I better get a ride back and never run outside again until March.” Thanks for the information but I didn’t ask for your opinion as you drove away!

3. I was watching the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills last night and wow! That can’t be how some people live their lives.


The extravagant parties and non-stop drama provide for me to feel better about myself after every episode. Here are some quotes from last night’s episode showing that the housewives act like they are in middle school but still manage to have more money than I will ever have:

–     “We’re going to be friends,” says Taylor (second from the right). “Pinky swear?”
–     “I’m an Arabian horse, ya know, raaaaaaaar!” – this is how Kim (far left) is explaining that she is a control freak.
–     Taylor to a horse: “This is the only person that has bigger lips than me.” Taylor, a horse is not a person…and that’s not a good thing when you have had so much plastic surgery that you look like a horse on steroids.

You are probably wondering why I keep watching these trashy reality shows but if you haven’t noticed the trend, I like to make fun of people. Especially people who put themselves on TV and make us normal people look good.