I’m not feeling very tantrumy today so bear with me. I think it’s the shitty cold/rainy/dark day we are having in Chicago. I haven’t written about running in a while and that’s probably because I haven’t been doing much of it. I have been running about four times a week but the weather and not training for anything is killing my motivation. I’m working on getting back into a routine and will be writing more often! Now, onto some drama for yo’ mama.

1. I think I’m generally a friendly person. Whether I’m running outside, walking by someone in the office or someone in a store I almost always smile at the other person. I think it’s a nice gesture instead of glaring at the other person with no facial expression or staring at the ground. People say smiles go a long way and when someone smiles at me it puts a smile on my face!

Back in the hood small town of Algonquin it happened often and I didn’t second-guess my decision of smiling at a perfect stranger. Since moving Chicago, it has been a different story. When I’m running I’ll smile at someone I pass and they look at me like “Who the hell are you?” At work my office cubicle is by the accounting department, and no offense to accountants, but I am constantly getting a dirty look as I walk by with a smile. Do other people experience this or is it because I look like this when I smile? No, that’s only when I’m hanging out with Lady Gaga.

2. So I have this coworker that sits very close to my cube and he often talks to his wife on speaker phone. From what I understand his wife is a stay-at-home mom and they have at least two little kids (I know way too much about someone I don’t know at all). She calls him and they have the most awkward conversations about nothing. Most of the time it’s about what they are going to have for dinner followed by silence and then a “so…” thrown in there every now and then. She will occasionally call and talk about one of the kids misbehaving while screaming at the child and not really having a conversation at all but just yelling. Thankfully, the conversation always ends in “I love you” (even if the conversation was four sentences long and took ten minutes) and dinner is always figured out. Hasn’t anyone ever heard of keeping your personal life out of the office…my advice: shut your door or take the phone off speaker.

3. In case you haven’t heard the breaking news today (since the announcement of Kim K. and Kris splitting and Jessica Simpson’s surprise pregnancy is old news, every day is a slow news day) Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar of TLC’s 19 Kids and Counting are expecting baby number 20!! You heard right. This is blowing my mind (“mind blasting”) that this woman is going to be giving birth to her 20th child.


Michelle is 45 which means she has been pregnant for 171 months of her life. That’s a little over 14 years (correct me if I’m wrong, math is not a skill of mine)! I would just be the most miserable person in the world. The upside, I bet they could have some really good sports competitions…oh wait…they don’t play sports.

(Sorry if there are typos…I’m in a hurry but I didn’t want to get hate mail if I didn’t post a TT)