I know you have been waiting all week for another Tantrum Tuesday!

1. Who doesn’t refill the coffee? This is a pet peeve of mine. It’s so frustrating to go into the break room at work and start to fill up your coffee and it’s empty…seriously?

How hard is it to refill it after you take the last cup? We even have these sweet easy-to-use Dunkin’ Donuts packages!

And I’m not the only person that gets mad about this because I hear people complain all the time (office gossip…what has my life become?). So let’s all do each other a favor and fill it up after we take the last pump. And don’t think I don’t know who leaves it empty…common courtesy people.

2. I saw this picture outside a dentist office the other day. I have never seen anything like this before (and I obviously was so distracted that I couldn’t take a decent picture).

I get that it’s a great idea to send the troops candy and anything else they need but come on! You know how many parents saw that sign and went speed trick-or-treating through neighborhoods to get as much candy as possible? Parents saw money signs with each piece of candy their kid dropped into their bag. I would rather buy candy and bring it directly there knowing they are sending it overseas instead of telling my kids, as they are sorting their candy with big smiles on their faces, that I am going to take it all to the dentist. That will go over well because all kids love the dentist.

Enough of my drama…

3. Is there anyone out there that isn’t talking about Kim K. and her split from Kris (maybe just me…oh and everyone in the media)?


We all saw it coming…everyone except Jessica Simpson. Jessica who? She was famous when I was younger.


She had a few shining moments and then fell out of the lime light when she divorced this beautiful man.


For those of you who have been living in a hole, she has been pregnant for a while now but was waiting until a celebrity magazine paid her $500,000 for the “exclusive” announcement. Jessica – don’t wear skin tight shirts if you are trying to hide your 6 month old belly.


Instead she announced it on Twitter for $0…the same day Kim announced her split. Jessica has got to be pissed and I bet she is throwing a tantrum of her own this week.