It seems that I have a lot to complain or vent about lately so I’m starting a new weekly series called Tantrum Tuesday. Most of the things are small and I tend to overreact so that’s why it’s a tantrum…only myself and five-year-olds act like the smallest things are the end of the world.

Can you spot me? I have a history of being dramatic.

1. I was watching Kendra last night (When does the Bachelor/Bachelorette/Bachelor Pad start again? Monday night TV is sucking.) and she was working out with two of her friends/ former playmates Victoria and Brittany. Kendra was showing them some workout moves and Brittany quits after about five reps  of squats and says she never works out and that she can eat whatever she wants and still looks the same…lame. How is that even possible? It will catch-up to her one day…


2. Sarah and I were running the other day and since we run in the city, we have to run on the sidewalk…unless we want to be killed by a taxi or a person on a bike. Three women were in front of us walking the same direction and were taking up the whole sidewalk. Sarah kindly said “excuse me” as we approached and the women turned around, looked at us and then turned back around not moving an inch to let us by. I was pissed so I yelled “excuse me” (in case they didn’t hear us the first time) and then they moved slightly to the side so we barely fit to run by. As we passed them I had a few choice words for the stuck-up sidewalk hogs…


3. Does anyone actually like going to the dentist? I think I could name a thousand other things that I would rather be doing than sitting with my mouth open for two hours as someone beats the crap out of me and then yells at me for not flossing. The nurse I had yesterday was the worst. After she cleaned my teeth with what felt like a knife, she flossed my teeth so violently I thought she was going to cause me to die of blood loss. I also chipped my tooth a couple of weeks ago so they had to numb my mouth to fix it. Talk about unattractive. To top it all off, I had to pay for the beating.


Feel free to rant and rave about anything that’s bugging you or annoying you this week (or always) in the comments! I might have to start charging for being your therapist if this gets too out of control. I hope you have a tantrum free Tuesday!

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