Joanna is an awesome runner.  She quit basketball at SAU after our freshman year (she is smarter than I am) and started to run to stay in shape (I quit after preseason my sophomore year…yep, I went through the HELL of preseason just to quit when it was over).

My group of friends tends to be unorganized especially if Joanna is involved…Katie and I woke up Sunday morning and didn’t really have a plan. We wanted to attempt to run 10 miles with her but that soon turned into a frantic adventure around the city. We also can’t spell.

My parents came to watch the leaders and so we decided to meet them at mile 13 and run with Joanna and Caleb there. We waited and waited. No Joanna. No Caleb. We missed them. Katie and I pulled out the map and sprinted to mile 17. Missed them again. We were both about to cry.

We sprinted to mile 20 and waited and then we finally saw Caleb!!! Katie and I ran with them until we got kicked off the course just before the turn to the finish line.

Action shot! (I almost tripped trying to take these pictures)

The Chicago Marathon is truly inspiring. Every year I go to cheer someone on I feel inspired to do it…and then I wake up. On the way down my mom told my dad she would never do the Chicago full again and then she got there and is considering doing Chicago next year. She is going to have to put a lot of work into convincing me to join her.

Katie, Joanna, Caleb and I headed back to my apartment and the el ride was definitely one to remember. Joanna wasn’t feeling so great…I’ll leave it at that… Caleb took an ice bath and treated himself to an apple fritter! I think they were both going a little crazy…

It was a beautiful day and after we were all looking halfway decent again, we went to eat at Zella’s (where the service was horrible).

It was great seeing both of you! Congratulations again!!!