I’m not doing so well with this whole blog thing…work has been crazy busy and once I’m on the train and then at my apartment all I want to do is zone out! I also love excuses!

Two weeks ago one of my best friends Joanna and her boyfriend Caleb came to visit (they go to St. Louis Univ. Law School). They stayed with me for the weekend because they were both running the Chicago Marathon.

I have known Jo since we were in seventh grade when we both made the AAU basketball team near out hometowns. We both LOVED basketball. Every spring and summer we traveled all over the country from Florida to Las Vegas to Ohio to everywhere in between. It’s was an athlete’s dream. I wish I could upload a picture from back then because braided hair, boys’ basketball shorts and cut off t-shirts looked really good on us. Not to mention braces…

During high school we didn’t really stay in touch minus the random times our schools were at the same tournament or the one time we actually played each other (I wish I could remember who won ;)). After basketball was over senior year we both attended the same awards banquet and realized we were both going to SAU and both playing basketball. Small world. From then on it was like we never lost touch.

Ok enough of the history…I tend to ramble.

They got into Chicago late Friday night and we just hung out and caught up at my apartment… oh and we went to Baskin-Robbins at midnight…some things never change. This ice cream was a perfect midnight “snack”…especially when you have it in a shake…with chocolate syrup…


On Saturday I tagged along to the expo. I went last year with my mom and I’m always a fan of a SWAG bag. I also really wanted this shirt but it was sold out by the time I got there.


The expo was basically the same which I was expecting. Jo tried on her race shirt and it looked like it was from Baby Gap. Luckily she was able to exchange it.After the expo I was going to Paul’s softball game, Jo was going to meet up with a friend and Caleb was going to study (stupid law school). I hurried to the train because I was already running late and then I decided to get on the el and go the wrong direction…FAIL.

Katie, Jo, Caleb and I were invited to Caleb’s cousin’s house on the south side for a pasta dinner. Jo and Caleb’s families were all there and we ate delicious homemade food! After eating Katie decided to entertain everyone after getting tipsy off of two glasses of wine. She keeps it classy.

We didn’t have a plan for when we were going to see Jo and Caleb but we were planning on trying to run 10 miles with them. Let’s just say things didn’t go as planned…