I have been slacking big time with keeping up on my blog!! I’m sure “all” my subscribers did not know what to do with themselves for the past week…the anticipation is over!

My mom finished her second marathon in 4:34! She ran the Quad City Marathon and did awesome! My mom’s goal was to finish in 4:30 which she did because she didn’t stop her watch for the three bathroom breaks. That is almost an hour faster than she ran in the Chicago Marathon last year!

(mile 4)

My aunt Carol came in from Denver to run the full marathon. She has done a number of full’s before and also does ultra marathons (Carol – correct me if I’m wrong!) and is an unbelievable runner! She came with her daughter, my cousin Hannah who I hadn’t seen in forever! My aunt Katie came in from Omaha with my cousin Allie who goes to Creighton. My aunt Joyce came in from Fort Dodge, IA with her husband, my uncle Dave and son, my cousin Andrew. My cousin Alex, Katie’s son, also came and ran the half marathon. And finally, my dad was there to help me cheer on my mom and the rest of the family!

(the photographer told my mom to squat and I thought she was
going to give him the finger)

The weather was crap the whole time. It was cold and rainy. Some of the runners got hailed on, thank God my mom and I did not! I saw the runners at miles 2, 4, 8 and then I ran with my mom from 13-26. Miles 13-20 are through the Rock Island Arsenal which I think is the longest part of the race because spectators are not allowed on the island so I thought it made the most sense to run with my mom then. It started to rain around mile 15 and then it was a complete downpour for about a mile and then off and on until the end. It didn’t seem too cold but my mom and I realized that our hands were numb when we tried to open Gu.

(mile 26)

My dad has found a love of biking and after about race number two that my mom and I did, he realized that in order to see us the most (and so he isn’t bored to death) he either has to drive or bike so my dad has been biking from spot to spot to see us run for the past few races. My mom was at about mile 23 when my dad started to bike next to us on the trail. If you know my dad, he thinks he is really funny. He kept telling my mom to sprint which was answered with “this is my sprint.” My mom is VERY competitive (you know this if you have ever played a board game with her, my advice – don’t try to win.) so my dad kept pointing out a person in front of us to pass. My mom said she was ignoring him but she passed every single person my dad mentioned.

My mom almost always starts to cry after she finishes a race which I think if I ever do a marathon, I will ball my eyes out when it’s over. Probably tears of joy that it’s finally over!

(almost to the finish!)

My mom accomplished such an amazing thing. If I am my mom’s age (hell if I am any older than I am now) and I can run a full marathon I will be more than happy with myself and very surprised. Along with training for a marathon my mom juggled a family and working full-time, along with countless other things. My mom is so motivated and truly an inspiration to me. I could not be more proud of her! Way to go mom! I love you!

(mom on the left and Carol on the right)

(Alex on the left and Allie on the right)

(can you tell that they are sisters?)