This weekend I’m going to the Quad Cities to watch my mom finish her second marathon! My mom did the Chicago full marathon last year and she is determined to finish with a better time this year in the QC Marathon…I think I know where I got my competitiveness from.

My mom and I have done the QC half twice before and it’s an awesome course. It’s very organized, the course is pretty flat and there are always a lot of spectators. My Aunt Carol from Denver is also coming in to run the full along with a couple of my mom’s sisters and some of my cousins to run the half. I didn’t sign up for the half because I want to be able to support my mom through her race. My dad and I will see her at different points along the course. My dad will be riding his bike so I will try to keep up with both of them! I want to run half of the race with my mom so I’m planning on jumping in at the halfway point.

I could go on all day about how inspiring my mom is but I will save that for another post! Wish her luck!!

Pictures from past Quad City Marathons:

Before the start of our first half marathon…before I knew what I was getting myself into:

I did horrible and my time was embarrassing. After I finished I said I would never do one again…

And then I did…this is after finishing the QC half the next year:

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