Let me just start with the fact that this probably shouldn’t bug me as much as it does. Do you ever see those people (or are you that person) who is waiting for the walk signal at an intersection and they feel the need to run in place? I was waiting for the bus home from work and noticed a runner across the street waiting for the signal to cross. She was not only running in place but pulling her knees up so high to her chest I thought she might be barefoot and the pavement is 100°. The signal turned to walk and she started running incredibly slow. And don’t get me wrong, I’m not the person to judge the speed of running because I am not a very fast runner either but come-on! Maybe she was so warmed up at the intersection that she burned off all her energy.

I have to admit I am friends with some of these people. I was running with a friend the other day who is a big runner (I won’t name names) and she was running in place next to me at an intersection. I gave her the dirtiest look and she said she was trying to stay warm. Well as far as I’m concerned, after a mile I don’t think your body will cool down in 30 seconds but all the doctors out there can prove me wrong. Sometimes I am a culprit of being a “stoplight runner” but I normally stretch or move around. When I’m approaching a stoplight I’m usually thinking “please turn red, please turn red.” Just so I can get a few extra seconds to catch my breath. Half the time I don’t even have enough energy to do much more than run, much less jump through invisible tires. Maybe that’s my problem, I’m jealous of the energy the “stoplight runners” have when I would rather be lazy and move as little as possible to conserve all energy in hopes of making it home. At least I know I’m not the only one who thinks this way http://www.reluctantrunners.com/2011/06/15/question-run-in-place/.