Welcome to A Runner’s Crave! I’m sure you are thinking, “This is just another blog about running. I don’t care to read about what Rachael does every week.”And that may be true but I have always wanted to start a blog and I am finally getting around to it! In the past few years I have picked up a love of running. My mom started running to lose weight and I decided to run with her. I quit basketball after my freshman year in college and still wanted to stay in shape and do something competitive. My mom and I ran our first race together (5K) a few summers ago and we haven’t stopped since! I finished my first half marathon and after finished I said, “I will never do a half marathon again.” I was 100% disappointed in myself and my finishing time so after I got over being dramatic, I started running again and now I have finished four half marathons and many shorter races in between.

Enough about running…I’m also going to be writing about living in the city. I have lived here almost a year now and resigned my lease for another year. Going from living in Davenport, Iowa in college to Algonquin, IL with my parents to living in an apartment in Lincoln Park and completely being on my own is a learning experience in itself! I also LOVE to eat! I feel like some days I don’t stop eating so thank God I run! Here are a few pics.

This is me:

My brothers and I:

My lovely parents (25 years strong):

Some weirdo I met at the Ke$ha concert:

Some of my closest friends:

More pictures to come later!